Ailain will take pre orders or ship items currently in stock. For stock items, we will ship in 1-2 working days, or 3-14 working days if more items are needed to complete the order. After checkout, members can login to members → Orders → Order List → click on order number to check your order status!

Please add this email address "[email protected]" to your contacts or set it as non spam mail.

If shipping is affected by factory issues, we will contact mommies to either change item color or cancel discontinued items. Please do not submit an order if you can not accept this possibility

If you have any questions regarding merchandise, please contact us using our website's "FAQ," "Online Customer Service," "Messenger Custom Service," or "Customer Service Phone Line" services. Please do not use email in case of misunderstandings caused by lost emails.

Orders will be shipped once all items are ready. For faster processing, you can cancel missing items or exchange colors of available items. System will recalculate shipping costs and discounts due to cancelled items.

Cathay United bank is our bank of choice. System will automatically check for payments such that shoppers would not need to provide transferred amounts and account's last five digits

Item colors are subjected to physical item colors because they might look different based on lighting or monitor resolution settings. If you have any concern or questions, please compare using multiple computers or ask us before purchasing.

We suggest mommies to compare the item size measurements shown in the item description to those of your current maternity clothes before purchasing.

If you have any questions while completing the order, please check our FAQ or contact us through phone during office hours. Orders are final once submitted. In addition, please confirm that the shopping cart includes all items before submitting the order.

We ship according to the submitted order, but we do not accept any changes to the order, including additional items, item exchange, item cancellation, or changes in item color or size, written in the remarks section. Ailian reserves the right to ignore anything written in the remarks section.